Social Change & Chance Research Presentation

To get us thinking about Social Change & Chance we used chance process to choose 5 different subjects that fell within these two categories. We researched each item extensively to learn more about how chance is used in design and how design can affect social change.

08 Apr 2014

Chance Ideation

Our first step was to choose 12 locations. We started this process by going to downtown Detroit. We stopped at several places and asked people for ideas, but we also stumbled upon a couple by chance. We went to D:Hive, the “Z” Lot, Library Street Collective, the 1515 Broadway Cafe, and talked with pedestrians on

07 Apr 2014

Mind Mapping & Initial Ideation

Next we went through the process of mind mapping about all of our different locations to see what themes would arise. We also employed chance methodology in our mind-mapping procedure by letting other people branch off from the themes we discovered.  

06 Apr 2014

Collecting Items

When we visited the abandoned school we were shocked to find how many valuable things had been left inside. We couldn’t believe it. The school has been closed since 2001 and was slated to be demolished in 2012. Yet inside we found all sorts of goods that we knew could be sold.  

05 Apr 2014


Cleaning all of the items we found was a tedious & arduous part of the process. All told it took over 10 hours to clean enough dust and grime from everything to make them saleable.

04 Apr 2014

Design Ideation

Drawing inspiration from found items at the school we developed a name for the project and a flexible but cohesive identity system.

03 Apr 2014

Visual Identity

02 Apr 2014

Photographing & Getting Ready to Launch

01 Apr 2014

Selling Items

30 Mar 2014

Delivering School Supplies

Cold day for April, snowed the day before. Sunny day. Met in Midtown and drove to Highland park. We were happy and excited to be dropping off the supplies. The trunk, backseat, & Jezabel’s lap were full with supplies. The car was overflowing. We exited off the expressway and drove through Highland park towards the

28 Mar 2014
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