Chance Ideation

Our first step was to choose 12 locations. We started this process by going to downtown Detroit. We stopped at several places and asked people for ideas, but we also stumbled upon a couple by chance. We went to D:Hive, the “Z” Lot, Library Street Collective, the 1515 Broadway Cafe, and talked with pedestrians on the people mover. We found through this exploration that most people gave us restaurants, bars, or tourist destinations. We used a few of the suggestions and came up with a few of our own to make our final list of 12.

Through a process of chance selection we narrowed the list down to 4 locations: An abandoned school in Highland Park, Belle Isle Conservatory & Nature Zoo, Hamtramck Disneyland, and Lafayette Park.

Our next step was to visit all four locations and document them. We recorded the time, temperature, colors, our thoughts & feelings, and anything else of note. We also researched each location extensively to find out demographic information, interesting facts, and background information.

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